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Procedure design, Rig Logistics Supervision, Well-Site Supervision, Well Control Supervision, Production Management, Shorebase Management, Rig Leasing & Crew Training . . . Concept to Completion, Informed, Experienced,  Deliberate & Dedicated.

Our Mission...

            Today's energy industry is more dynamic, demanding, financially lucrative and at the same time financially unforgiving than at any time in its long history. Competition is fierce between the major and independent energy companies for what remains of ever smaller hydrocarbon deposits. Governmental constraints, safety & environmental concerns, lease, land & legal expenses, material expenses, support services expenses, and marketing costs combine with a continuing depletion of experienced personnel to widen the gap between effort and success in the exploitation of the remaining reserves. 


                In epidemic proportion, stock market driven companies are purchasing large blocks of properties from competitors. In some cases in an effort to maintain or increase the company's reserve base, companies are acquiring or merging with their competition. Resulting from this activity we find a decrease in reliable site & well specific information as it is exchanged between companies. We also find a continuing reduction in operator side personnel with site specific experience intimate to many projects. 


                On the supply side prices are increasing while support service quality and availability is decreasing. Vendors have responded to stock market influences much the same as the energy companies with acquisitions, mergers and austerity programs to reduce their short term operational costs. It is common  knowledge in the industry that there are as many rigs stacked for lack of crews as there are working. From a qualitative perspective this holds true as it relates to almost every discipline on the support side of the business. 


                 EnergyPulse tm personnel each enjoy a long and successful history for reliable, expedient and efficient response to the dynamic energy industry offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as well as on land throughout most of the producing world. We understand that this industry is the product of a partnership between the people, in the field, in the offices and the fragile ecosystem that is our mother earth. We go to great effort to exact the most cost efficient, people participative, safety and ecology aware model to benefit each project. We recognize and appreciate the opportunities afforded us through the effort of others. 


            Throughout the years with each project our ability to predict becomes increasingly reliable. The "Pulse" of the energy business as with any business is predictive reliability (truth). At EnergyPulse tm our mission is the truth and our primary tool is respect for the people and the environment that afford us our future. 

Curt Anderson  President

New Rig to the Rescue... 

            Historically on the shelf in the Gulf of Mexico smaller productive pay-zones were bypassed in the well-bore for larger deposits. It is only recently with the introduction of higher energy prices at the wellhead that operators can justify harvesting these smaller deposits. However it still remains an economy of scale between high supply side costs versus risk/reward. 

            Traditionally companies have employed either Jack-up rigs or full blown platform drilling rigs to evacuate well-bores of tired completion equipment. In both cases spread rates and logistics are expensive in time and money. In the last few years EnergyPulse Subsea tm personnel have pioneered rigless, subsea rigless and hydraulic work-over well intervention when the pipe must be pulled. (see photos)  

            As with rigless intervention, EnergyPulse's tm new hydraulic pulling unit does not require the enormous and expensive infrastructure of conventional rigs or expensive  modification to the host platform or caisson and the long rig up times of HWO "snubbing" configurations. As long as the well load with sufficient contingency factor, does not exceed 150,000 lbs and we have a deck to rack pipe to we can be pulling pipe in just hours of the BOP test instead of days. The entire rig and power package is delivered in one offshore container that doubles as a doghouse. The rig mounts directly to the BOP's thereby loading the well not the platform. The floor is low and immediate to the BOP's. Rotating is effected by a conventional "Bowen" or similar rental power swivel. Tubulars are worked with conventional tong configurations. Actually this rig can be employed in about the same amount of time and support of the normal coiled tubing intervention.

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