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Snubbing Configuration Tutorial.

The HPUAdvantage...

The EPS Hydraulic Pulling Unit utilizes the proven technology of the Hydraulic Snubbing Unit but eliminates the snubbing capability thereby expanding its lifting capabilities while  requiring less horsepower. This results in a cooler operating system. Unit stroke length is increased from  the traditional 10 foot strokes of conventional "Snubbing" (HWO)  and Push/Pull units to 42 feet 5 inches allowing one stroke per joint instead of 3. This is done with a derrick height, including the floor of only 27 feet 8 inches in the bottom stroke position. The unit is accommodated with a mechanical gyn-pole assembly which is used to tail pipe and operates much like a "speed kit" on a conventional work-over rig.  The hydraulic system is greatly simplified utilizing only 2 sending and 2 return lines. Most platform cranes and almost all Marine Lift Boat cranes can easily handle the entire rig package in one lift. Rig up is fast and efficient ...

Key Benefits

bulletMobilization and demobilization does not require rig towing support.
bulletRig up to pulling pipe timeline equal to that of a typical coil tubing rig up.
bullet42 foot stroke and 150,000 lb. pulling capacity with up to 1500 ft/hr trip times.
bulletWork deck at bottom of unit (immediate to BOP stack). Snubbing basket not necessary.
bulletAccommodates conventional power swivel rotary & conventional tubing tongs.
bulletDoes not require modification of host caisson or platform. 
bulletReduced footprint; the rig, the driller's console, tools and power pack are deployed in a single pre-slung offshore container. The pulling unit bolts to the BOP's and does not load the host platform deck.
bulletMinimal closing unit requirements.
bulletPipe "light" slips can be rapidly adapted if necessary enhancing well control capabilities over that of a conventional completion rig.


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